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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: Edge
  • Proposed name for the repository: edge

Project description:


  1. Access integrated central office technology using for instance vOLT control plane integration.
    1. Requires a set of vOLT hardware integrated in our Pharos environment
    2. Leverage a CORD (JOID) scenario for ONOS deployement, develop XCi scripts for other scenario's
  2. Distributed control plane, lightweight remote (on-prem) delegated control plane requirements for distributed (edge) cloud.
    1. Open question, how many remote "delegate" sites would we want/need to support per control plane.
  3. Application deployment automation and testing for remote and central workloads.
    1. Requirements on the infrastructure and architecture components to support relevant applications. (latency etc...)


  • The Multi-Access Edge (Edge) project intends to extend OPNFV's integrated reference platforms with access hardware and VNFs for edge-deployment use cases such as residential broadband and mobility.

  • This project will take a consistent approach with other projects in OPNFV, in that it will focus on integrating these edge elements with a variety of control plane and platform automation components that make up current and future OPNFV scenarios. Thus the project will leverage current OPNFV success in building reference platforms/scenarios, which should reduce the overall project resource demands.
  • The project will help OPNFV meet other goals such as the collection of sample/reference/lab-ready VNFs to use for OPNFV purposes such as NFV platform functional, interoperability, and performance testing goals.
  • While access hardware and VNFs will be used by the project, the project is not intended to develop those elements directly, rather it will work with upstream projects as is the general mission of OPNFV where possible. The VNFs for example will be expected to be open source and integratable with the access hardware, with the goal of not being exclusive to a specific hardware version/product. The VNFs will also not be intended for production use, but also will not be artificially limited functionally, rather we will focus on using them for the specific test purposes of the OPNFV. Possible examples of upstream VNFs we might leverage include  (note: this is a preliminary set of references, not intended to be comprehensive):
  • The access hardware will be added to OPNFV PODs, and may include e.g.:
  • Project members will determine what OPNFV reference platforms/scenarios are focused on for the edge integration efforts, and what types of access hardware will be focused on.
  • The OPNFV labs that will include the access hardware are TBD, but it's expected that there will be at least one set of access HW in supporting Pharos community labs, or a means to integrate remote access HW into Pharos labs (TBD if possible). The project will also use this opportunity to expand the set of Pharos community labs if possible.


  • The project will integrate access hardware and VNFs for edge-deployment use cases into existing and future OPNFV reference platforms and scenarios.


  • OPNFV CI/CD and testing will be extended with use cases specific to the types of access hardware and VNFs that have been integrated by the project.


  • Documentation will be published on the OPNFV wiki and as OPNFV release documentation,


  • It's expected that some MANO related projects will be used to drive the deployment of the VNFs. The Edge project will seek to leverage standards-based VNF packages that can be automated by different MANO solutions integrated into OPNFV.

Committers and Contributors:

  • Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
  • Aimee Ukasick, AT&T
  • Christopher Price, Ericsson
  • Joel Halpern, Ericsson
  • Stephen Wong, Huawei 
  • ...

Planned deliverables:

  • The project will release documentation, test, and scenario integration support for access hardware and VNFs for edge-deployment use cases. For example this may include,
    • sample VNFs
    • access hardware for Pharos labs
    • updates to POD descriptor files
    • updates to the Pharos spec
  • The VNFs and access hardware will not be considered part of the released platform, but the functional and performance etc test capabilities and documentation will be part of the released platform.

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • First release in Euphrates (if possible)

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Key Project Facts

Project Name: Edge
Repo name: edge
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: TBD
Project Lead: TBD
Jira Project Name: Same as Project name 
Jira Project Prefix: Edge
mailing list tag [Should match Jira Project Prefix] 

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