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Project reviews are conducted by the TSC so that the TSC can insure the projects are active and determine if the project needs anything. The reviews should be conducted annually so that the TSC members are aware of the projects AND OPNFV projects are staffed and respond to queries from the communities.

PTLs: Please select a time slot to present your project to the TSC. Each PTL will be allocated 5 minutes of presentation time and up to 5 min Q&A. We would like to review 2 projects per week. Places your project name and the presenters name in the table below to reserve your slot. The PTL is the preferred presenter although proxies will be accepted. Please fill the signup from the top down (do not gap down to a far distant date). 

Reviews should be simple and brief. Presenters will be kept to the allotted time. Please use the presentation template provided at the bottom of this page. Materials need not be in slide form - flat text files are suitable.

The listed projects will be targeted for archival/termination if reviews are not complete by June 2020SampleVNF,  yardstick, ovn4nvf,  container4nfv, bottlenecks, clover, rocket, edgecloud,

DateProject for ReviewPTL or Presenters NameChangesets in the last 6 months (Jan 6)




DoctorTomi Juvonen5


vSwitchperfSridhar Rao12


CalipsoKoren Lev1


LaaSSawyer Bergeron27


FunctestCedric Ollivier

(ll Functest jobs in Releng are now counted)

  • 477 commits in the last 6 months
  • 1012 commits in the last year


BarometerEmma Foley27


AirshipJames Gu80


NFVbenchAlec Hothan22






















Template for OPNFV project reviews

  • Project Name:
  • PTL:
  • Brief description of project:
  • Project lifecycle status:
  • Last 12 months number of commits:
  • Last 12 months committer count:
  • Most recent release project participated:
  • Link to most recent release plan:
  • Next 3 months development plans:
  • Any plans to engage with CNTT?:
  • Current active committer list:

Gerrit summary for last 6 mo. (Jan 6, 2020)

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