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  1. Mark Beierl how was this page created?  I'd like this to replace the "approved projects" page (Approved Projects), but I also want to add OSCAR as an archived project and wasn't sure how to add it to the archived list... 

    1. Ah, yes... another one of my "I need to write a how to on that..."

      This is a space report that uses the labels from the spaces to indicate whether the project is active or not.  Edit the page and you will see:

      Label = project and Label = archived.  If you go to the Space Directory, you will see Categories for each space:

      Unfortunately, OSCAR never had its own space created (not even in the old DokuWiki), so we cannot use this method to label it.  That is, unless you want to create a space for the proposal and then create an "archived" tag for it so that it is consistent with the others.

  2. It would be good to add one liner description of each project in this page.

    1. Mark, can you explain, how such one-liners can be created?

  3. Mark Beierl Moon is now active. Would you mind fixing the tabs?