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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: kuberef
  • Proposed name for the repository: kuberef

Project description:

The objective of this proposed project is to develop and deliver a Kubernetes-based reference implementation according to CNTT RA-2 in close collaboration with the CNTT RI-2 workstream.

There is a strong demand for a Kubernetes-based reference implementation (RI-2). In particular, it serves as a foundation for

  • verifying design decisions and assumptions of RA-2,
  • selecting and validating test cases for the RC-2 workstream and OVP 2, and
  • serving as a reference platform for CNF vendors to develop and test against.

The reference implementation should be hosted in OPNFV to facilitate the development work as follows. The project...

  • acts as a home for implementation specific discussions beyond the reference specs defined in the CNTT RI-2 workstream,
  • provides a project repository for code,
  • is a consumer of OPNFV CI/CD resources (Jenkins jobs) and community labs.

The RI-2 implementation will be based on Intel's Bare Metal Reference Architecture for Kubernetes which was brought forward to CNTT as an official contribution proposal in March 2020.

The project was presented and discussed in the OPNFV Tech Discuss meeting on (see slides).


The scope of the project will be split in two phases:

  • Short & mid-term: In this phase, the main purpose of the project is to provide the reference implementation for CNTT RI-2 and OVP 2.0.
  • Mid- & long-term: In this phase, the project can expand its scope for additional Cloud Native work beyond RI-2.

Relationship to CNTT and RA-2 requirements:

The project does not intend to define requirements relevant to CNTT. Instead, if experimental evidence shows that requirements in RA2 need to be add / modified / removed, this information is forwarded to the RA-2 workstreams in CNTT. Specifically:

  • CNTT RA2 owns all requirements
  • If RI2/RC2 discover requirements gaps/corrections/updates, then submit requirements proposal to RA2
  • Requirements proposals are submitted as an Issue in CNTT Github for the RA-2 workstream


  • The reference implementation will be subject to testing using OPNFV and CNCF test tools to validate its compliance to RA-2.


  • All end-user facing documentation will be hosted in the RI-2 specification hosted in CNTT's github repository.


  • CNTT Rx-2 workstreams
  • OVP 2.0 and its respective workstreams
  • CNCF infrastructure deployment and management projects
  • CNCF testing projects
  • OPNFV testing projects (Functest healthcheck, etc.)

Committers and Contributors:

Planned deliverables:

  • The key deliverable of the project in its first phase is a Kubernetes-based reference implementation according to CNTT RA-2.

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • The project will be aligned with the new OPNFV release process as well as CNTT releases.

Key Project Facts

Project Name: kuberef
Repo name: kuberef
Lifecycle State:
Primary Contact:
Project Lead:
Jira Project Name: kuberef
Jira Project Prefix: [kuberef]
mailing list tag [kuberef]

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  1. I suggest that this project starts with POC's on a few RI-2 installer candidates, such as mentioned Intel's baremetal reference architecture and Airship Installer. The OPNFV/Airship project would like to offer development resource to deploy the new Airship 2.0 architecture as part of the RI-2 POC effort. 

    BTW, there is a comparison wiki page from a couple of months ago, and I recently added Airship column:

    1. Hi James, thanks for pointing to the comparison table. In general, I agree with your proposal. In fact, we have been looking into multiple installers: besides BMRA, Rihab Banday has deployed and tested the CNF Testbed as well.

      Moreover, Michael Pedersenhas been working on a mapping of RA-2 requirements to features of the BMRA installer : Merging both tables could be useful.

      Feel free to add your name / a name if the Airship project to the list of committers above!

    2. Hi James Gu,

      one more thing: feel free to join the RI-2 deep dive at the virtual developer event to discuss this in more detail:

  2. Georg Kunz Thanks for providing the background and the pointer to the other mapping table. Agree with you merging the two tables would be Any preferences to use which table as the base? @Michael Pedersen.
    Thanks for the invite to join as a committer. Airship project would be interested in contributing in RI-2.

    1. Hi James,

      It would definitely be of interest to get Airship included in the POC work. 

      We can expand the type of table I started working on (, but maybe we need to place it somewhere else on the wiki, as the current page is specific to ongoing efforts comparing BMRA ( to the existing RA2 requirements.

      I am wondering if we should make a new table more similar to the installer comparison (, but with a more detailed view of requirements mapped to RA2.

      1. Hi Michael, I am fine with the making a new table approach. Let me start and create the content for the Airship 2.0 and then I think we could lift the BMRA content from this page

  3. Another project that is important to consider here is the XCI project. This project includes Bare metal provisioning through Bifrost and the Kubernetes provisioning is done using Kubespray.

    1. I think the bare metal provisioning tool ( is a continuation of the XCI project.

      1. I don't know, maybe Fatih Degirmenci can clarify this point.

        1. Michael Pedersen is correct about the origins of the provisioning tool he linked there. We developed XCI further by decoupling stacks and tools so it is possible to use baremetal provisioning in standalone mode.  (we call XCI v1 and that project is on v4)

    2. Victor Morales Thanks for your suggestion - We have already taken this into account & built an initial RI-2 prototype with the newer version of XCI (which Fatih referred to as v4). We've documented the details here, in case you're interested:

  4. BTW, I'd like to participate in these meetings, any pointer for the calendar?

    1. Hi Victor, happy to have you on board. We have not yet officially decided when and where to run these meetings. With some probability, we will have a joint call with the CNTT RI-2 workstream which is currently on Wednesdays 1


  5. Who is the project lead? 

    Please comment here, and I can get this project created. 

    1. Rihab Banday <> was elected on Monday (the only nominee for PTL).