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OPNFV Project Proposals


All projects in proposed state must be listed here for a period of at least two weeks prior to approval review by the TSC.
Create your proposal according to the project proposal template and post your proposal to the TSC and technical discussion lists. (See the checklist for project proposal & creation review )

Please use the project proposal template for your proposals and list the proposal on this page in the respective section below.

As a reminder, from the most recent Project Lifecycle document, Projects in different categories can create code (e.g. collaborative development, integration & testing, or even documentation projects could create code), hence “code production” isn’t a category of its own.

List of project proposals

Project proposal



Installer project using OpenStack Helm

Announced on March 27, discussed in Technical call on March 30th


Cloud native computing framework for NFV

RescuerData Protection Service for inter-DC disaster recovery

Storage project for OPNFV, including those storage-intensive network functions

Discussed in Technical Call on August 10, announced on TSC list on August 15

ONAP-Automated OPNFV (Auto)

This project will focus on ONAP component integration and verification.

Proposed on July 19th, discussed on Technical call on July 20


DevOps feeder stack for Dovetail support, Proposal submitted 26th Sept. 2017


The C-RAN project is wireless communication network integration and testing project based on NFV architecture

Proposal submitted Proposed on December 1, 2017


Certificate management broker service.

Proposal submitted Proposed on March 23, 2018

Edge cloud

reference platform design and integration for edge cloud

RocketHardware acceleration for NFV, including common API design for accelerators
XCIIntegration project for OPNFV, providing community-driven installer and CI/CD capabilities
Lab as a ServiceCommunity resource to provide on-demand access to a hardware and software stack for development, testing, and trialing OPNFV
Airship-based Infrastructure Deployment and Lifecycle ManagementAirship-based installer to deploy and manage the lifecycle of cloud and NFV infrastructure according to industry standard models.
CNTT-RICreating the reference implementation based on the reference model and reference architecture defined in CNTT

Ongoing project termination reviews

Multisite (requested on July 25)

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