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OPNFV Project Proposals


All projects in proposed state must be listed here for a period of at least two weeks prior to approval review by the TSC.
Create your proposal according to the project proposal template and post your proposal to the TSC and technical discussion lists. (See the checklist for project proposal & creation review )

Please use the project proposal template for your proposals and list the proposal on this page in the respective section below.

As a reminder, from the most recent Project Lifecycle document, Projects in different categories can create code (e.g. collaborative development, integration & testing, or even documentation projects could create code), hence “code production” isn’t a category of its own.

List of project proposals

Project proposal


Bamboo APPROVED on March 14

Introduce the analytics infrastructure provided by to OPNFV

Announced on Feb 7th, discussed on tech call on Feb 23 (comments)



VINA is to offer discovery and system health status for VIM

Scheduled for TSC call on March 21


Different sample VNFs that behave like real world VNFs

Scheduled for TSC call on March 21

SNAPS-OO APPROVED on Feb 7, 2016

Python library for managing OpenStack objects

Proposed Jan 24, scheduled for technical call on Feb 2

RescuerData Protection Service for inter-DC disaster recovery

OVN for NFV - APPROVED on Dec 15, 2015


“Transformer” - Carrier Grade Requirements for Network Transformation

The project is planned to participate in the C-release


Nextgen VIM Scheduler "NGVS"

NGVS is a feature project to work on scheduler topics that supports VMs, containers and unikernels with static and serverless scheduling.

Planned to be combined with OpenRetriever project




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