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Agenda of Technical Community Discussion on May 11, 2020


  • Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV) project
    • CIRV project mandate and current plans - is there alignment?
    • What are the current activities of the project?
    • Who are the active Committers and Contributors to CIRV?
    • Are there CIRV activities beyond the RI-1 and RC-1 work streams in CNTT?
    • Are there sufficient resources and prioritization for this project among its stakeholders?
  • Virtual Developer & Testing Form (formally called the DDF) - June 22-25

    • Collect the list of topics where we want Joint Discussion with CNTT

      • Examples: OPNFV 2.0, Release Process, etc

    • Review CNTT's list of topics and indicate our interest for Joint discussion

      • CNTT deadline for topics is May 29th

    • Collect OPNFV project topics

      • status presentations from projects, Student Volunteer presentations, etc

    • topic registration wiki page
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