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Minutes / Notes

Jerma Release

  • TSC Vote in progress (via Wiki), "accept or reject the RC1" of the release.
  • TSC on Tuesday will review the technical release tomorrow.
  • Technical Marketing milestone review / approval

2020 Retrospective

What did we do well as a project & team?

  • Good team work between OPNFV and CNTT folks, review of requirements, checking coverage in OPNFV testing projects, and feedback / collaboration.  MELD work kicked of and was generally positive between all participants, looks to have resulted in a strong start to Anuket for 2021.
  • Real sense of volunteerism within the OPNFV participation, who got a lot done and worked well as a team. TSC was able to reformulate itself, with changes in participation.

  • Functest worked well to integrate the requirements for RC1, RC2, leading the way for an independent release cycle. Xtesting frame usage increasing and simplifies integration between different projects.

  • Collaboration with CNTT got out of the informal and is becoming more formal, especially with the formation of Anuket, true measure will outcomes of 2021, with operators wanting to have a “voice at the table,” as this may help drive / deliver resources to the projects and will tighten up the feedback loop. TSC leadership helped to provide strong leadership during the 2020 year.

What could we have done better and how do we make that happen in 2021?

  • Documentation for the OVP releases is too closely related to the Dovetail web-portal project and could be separated out to individual documentation project to make it easier to maintain.

  • Some clarifications on which “installer” to use when running testing for specific project (like a testing project). Similarly, which version of the “installer” to use, if the development version of the installer may not be feature stable, compared to the expectations of the projects.

  • With participation changes, some projects became inactive, but were still utilized in other work. Sometimes leaving participants didn’t communicate their change in focus, which caused difficulty in “picking up the ball” for those areas.

  • Far too many meetings between the CNTT and OPNFV, which make contributing code difficult. There were issues in collaboration between the TSC and the projects, which causes issues with milestones and access to testing resources for the various projects.

  • OVP is the apex of what the OPNFV / CNTT projects are about and it would be great to see this able to be used as a measure of the overall project (i.e. this is a distillation of the work, i.e. the testing projects, Xtesting, etc.) and is easy to communicate to the world.

What is your biggest goal (in Anuket) for 2021?

  • Within LaaS, our biggest goal is to expose access to creating a pod / booking to an API that could be used by Jenkins or similar to reserve / use resources to run job, then release the resources back to the pool.

  • SampleVNF project doesn’t actually directly maintain the VNFs (i.e. others are just upstream projects). Does that mean the SampleVNF project is slightly misleading? Projects can update their scope / name if necessary, etc.

  • Cultivating a strong team for the combined OPNFV & CNTT teams as the Anuket projects, where both the specification development and the open source coders work together

  • Hoping to continue contributing in 2021, with access to resources for projects, i.e. access to testing systems and deployments.

  • See the teams able to meet in person, if/when safe and possible, to build collaboration and camaraderie.

What is your biggest goal for 2021 (in general, this is for fun)?

  • Design / build a proper raspberry pi hat to server as an amplifier control system for multi-room audio system for my house.

  • Developing an automatic valve control for a tractor farm sprayer using Arduino, or similar.

  • Deploy a whole home audio system (yes, there really is two people working sometime similar (wink) ).

  • Remove the Windows OS from the house.

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