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Tech Discus meetings for 2021 within Anuket

  • General feedback was to continue the approach of separating the technical discussion slot from a TSC slot
  • Note, from the below discussion, the early 2021 slots should likely be used to get strong community alignment on the release plan for Anuket.

Release requirements

  • Had a discussion around current CNTT RA-2 requirement for kubernetes version to be within the current release minus 1. This creates some very tight time bounds from when a RA releae is finalized, to what an RI project needs to integrate. We will need to take this into account for how the Anuket release plan gets created.
    • The current issue highlighted here is around the kubernetes version required in RA-2 is not met by the kuberef project, which is 2 versions back, because of the upstream projects being utilized.
  • How are feature backlogs and how project requirements are prioritzed? How can TSC input onto those priorities be captured?
  • How are RA/RM requirements reviewed and "parsed" out to projects to ensure coverage and to track implementation?
  • How do we track changes to requirements (from RM/RA to RI/RC), such as dealing with a maintenance change to something?
  • What can TSC do to support and encourage implementation of the requirements within the release cycle timing?
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