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  • Day and Time: 6:00am US Pacific Time / 14:00 UTC (when US Standard Time) / NOW 13:00 UTC (when US Daylight Savings Time), Mondays.

How Project Proposal is Reviewed

At Technical Discussion meetings, project proposals will be reviewed based on the order of when they were announced on mailing lists. If a project has been discussed before but revision/more work is needed, then the proposal timestamp will be reset to when the project proposal was most recently discussed.

Agenda for Monday, August 17, 2020

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  • OPNFV CI/CD Transformation
  • OPNFV Hardware resources supporting releases
    • What does OPNFV actually plan to release?

    • When looking at hardware resources...

      • What does hardware resources allocation look like for self release model?

      • Should OPNFV move to a LaaS model for supporting releases?

      • What are our current hardware resources that support releases?

    • What does supporting CNTT from a hardware resources perspective look like?

Past Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Note: After wiki upgrade, the record of meeting agenda and minutes before March 24, 2016 were lost.

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  1. Bin - the agenda date shows Feb 23. Did you mean March 1?