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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on March 31, 2016

  • Date and Time: 6:00am PDT / UTC 13:00, Thursday March 31, 2016
  • Convener: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Al Morton (AT&T)
    • Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)

    • Dan Druta (AT&T)
    • Dan Radez (Redhat)
    • Edgar St Pierre (EMC)
    • Edward Warnicke (Cisco)
    • Frank Brockners (Cisco)
    • Gerald Kunzmann (DoCoMo)
    • Ildiko Vancsa (Ericsson)
    • Luther Smith (CableLabs)
    • Paul Carver (AT&T)
    • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei)
    • Stuart Mackie (Juniper)
    • Ulas Kozat (Huawei)
    • Zhijiang Hu (ZTE)

Ed (Cisco) presented this project. The questions and discussions are around plug-in structure, and performance comparison between VPP-based vSwitch v.s. OVS.

The presentation slides is available here.

Meeting adjourned.


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