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Project: Sample Virtual Network Function (samplevnf)

This project provides a placeholder for various sample VNF (Virtual Network Function) development which includes example reference architecture and optimization methods related to VNF/Network service for high performance VNFs. This project provides benefits to other OPNFV projects like Functest, Models, yardstick etc to perform real life use-case based testing and NFVi characterization for the same.
The sample VNFs are Open Source approximations* of Telco grade VNF’s using optimized VNF + NFVi Infrastructure libraries, with Performance Characterization of Sample† Traffic Flows.
• * Not a commercial product. Encourage the community to contribute and close the feature gaps.
• † No Vendor/Proprietary Workloads 
It helps to facilitate deterministic & repeatable bench-marking on Industry standard high volume Servers. It augments well with a Test Infrastructure to help facilitate consistent/repeatable methodologies for characterizing & validating the sample VNFs through OPEN SOURCE VNF approximations and test tools. The VNFs belongs to this project are never meant for field deployment. All the VNF source code part of this project requires Apache License Version 2.0.
OPNFV use cases and benefits:
Due to lack of open source VNF, most of OPNFV projects currently do not have any real world use-case driven testing. With Sample VNFs, OPNFV projects like FuncTest, yardstick, model project perform use-case driven testing and help customers to adopt the OPNFV in VNF/NFVi characterization and bench-marking.

The Scope of samplevnf project as follows
To create a repository of sample VNFs to help VNF benchmarking and NFVi characterization with real world traffic.
Host a common development environment for developing the VNF using optimized libraries
Integrate into CI tool chain and existing test frameworks for VNF feature and deployment testing

Network Service Testing framework added into the Yardstick will be used as a test tool for Functional/Performance verification of all the sample VNFs. 
Planning to extend the same to FuncTest and Models project to include the testcases related to sample VNFs.

Key Project Facts


Project: Sample Virtual Network Function (samplevnf)
Project Creation Date: 27/03/2017
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Kannan Babu Ramia (
Project Lead: Deepak S (
Jira Project Name: samplevnf 
Mailing list tag: [samplevnf] 
Jira Project Prefix: samplevnf
IRC: #opnfv-samplevnf

• Deepak S (
• Anand B Jyoti (
• Frank Brockners (
• Shang xiaodong (

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