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Hunter Release Plan for SampleVNF

Project Description

This project provides a placeholder for various sample VNF (Virtual Network Function) development which includes example reference architecture and optimization methods related to VNF/Network service for high performance VNFs. This project provides benefits to other OPNFV projects like Functest, Models, yardstick etc to perform real life use-case based testing and NFVi characterization for the same.
The sample VNFs are Open Source approximations* of Telco grade VNF’s using optimized VNF + NFVi Infrastructure libraries, with Performance Characterization of Sample† Traffic Flows.
• * Not a commercial product. Encourage the community to contribute and close the feature gaps.
• † No Vendor/Proprietary Workloads 

SampleVNF - Home

Summary of Goals


Hunter-release task:

1. Cloud native support like running VNFs in containers.
2. Bug fixes in PROX/SampleVNFs
3. Improve documentation.

Uncommon Dependencies

Dependency 1: Yardstick interaction of new sampleVNF tests.

Detailed Requirements and Tasks (JIRA)

  1. Cloud native support for SampleVNFs - 
  2. PROX: add support for VLAN insert and stripping -
  3. PROX potential crash when getting device info


Updating the yardstick to include all the sampleVNF testcases.


Updating the architecture and get started guide for new contributes


Risk 1

Risk 2, etc.

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