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SampleVNF Project Goal:

This project provides a placeholder for various sample VNF (Virtual Network Function) development which includes example reference architecture and optimization methods related to VNF/Network service for high performance VNFs. 
The sample VNFs are Open Source approximations* of Telco grade VNF’s using optimized VNF + NFVi Infrastructure libraries, with Performance Characterization of Sample† Traffic Flows.
• * Not a commercial product. Encourage the community to contribute and close the feature gaps.
• † No Vendor/Proprietary Workloads 


SampleVNF OPNFV E-Release Goal:

Establishing the sampleVNF repo with list of available VNFs (vACL, UDP_Replay, vCGNAPT, vFW etc) with technical documentation on VNFs and its usage and integrating the VNFs info one of the test project (yardstick) to do performance testing on a given OPNFV platform. 

1New VNFs    

Adding new VNFs - Acl, vFW, vCGNAPT, prox etc


MS5 - completed.

All listed VNFs is added

2Integration into yardstick framework to test the VNFs

Integrating performace test scenarios in yardstick


MS5 - completed.

Patches will be merged to yardstick by MS5

3VNF catalogue
Adding VNF Catalog to SampelVNF (decision taken in plugfest)

MS5 - completed. VNF_catalogue moved to sampleVNF

  • Setting up the webpage in OPNFV lab system is WIP.
4Documentation for all the VNF
userguide & installation guide for all the VNFs

MS6 - Basic structure is added.

Working on updating documents for all VNFs

5VNF blueprint for models project

Develop blueprints for the VNFs in the project

MediumDeepakMoved to Next release - This task can be taken up once we have all the VNFs ready and working.
6Functest integration

Adding SampleVNF part of functest

MediumDeepakMoved to Next release - Since we are already integrating the VNF to yardstick. This task will be taken up for next release

List of VNFs :


Published VNFs in SampleVNF repo:

  • vACL VNF - Virtual Access Control List
  • vCGNAPT - Virtual Carrier Grade Network Address Translation
  • vFW - Virtual Firewall
  • vPE - Virtual Provider Edge Router.
  • UDP_Replay - reflects all the UDP traffic on the same interface.

Above sample VNF (Virtual Network Function) are optimized to give VNF/Network service for high performance on a given platform

  • Prox - Packet pROcessing eXecution engine.
    - PROX can act as both basic VNF and Traffic generator based on config for NFVi characterization
    • PROXs as Virtual Network Function
      • Basic L2 Forwarding (no touch)
      • L2 Forwarding (change MAC)
      • L3 Forwarding
      • Load balance based on packet fields
      • Symmetric load balancing
      • Routing (vPE basic)
      • mpls
      • basic ACL & nsh aware acl
      • basic cgnapt & nsh aware cgnapt
      • BNG - Broadband Network Gateway
      • others like QoS, Policing, ARP, QinQ encap/decap IPv4/IPv6, GRE encap/decap etc
      • Lightweight 4over6
        Based on the config Prox can act as below VNFs

    • PROXs as Traffic generator
      • L2/L3 based UDP traffic generation ipv4/ipv6
      • L4 stateful traffic generation and flow extraction tool
      • Lightweight 4over6 traffic
      • vRouter/BNG traffic generation.
  • VNF catalogue
    • An app to list/search for the VNFs available in opensource (in other repositories like github)
      List Of VNFs
    • In process of setting up the webpage to search/add VNFs into catalogue.
For more information on individual VNFs. Please refer Technical Briefs of VNFs 

To be Published VNFs in SampleVNF repo:

  • NGIC - next generation infrastructure Core (vEPC) - owner: Deepak
  • Noisy VNF - Stres-NG based - Owner: Sridhar (spirent)
  • TCP_Reflector – ???


Supported deployment types:


  • SampleVNFs has been validated on different deployment types to enabled both VNF & NFVi characterization on OPNFV platform
    • Baremetal
    • Standalone virtualization (ovs, ovs-dpdk, sriov, vpp)
    • Openstack via heat deployment (ovs, ovs-dpdk, sriov)

How to test the VNFs - yardstick


  • Network Service Testing framework added into the Yardstick will be used as a test tool for Performance verification of all the sample VNFs and do NFVi chacterization
    • Test cases supported for VNF - vPE, vFW, vCGNAPT, vACL, UDP_Replay
      • rfc2544
      • latency
      • http_tests
      • VNF scale-up tests
    • Test cases supported for NFVi via PROX
      • Port forward
      • L2/L3 forward with mac modification
      • tag/untag & lb_5tuple testcase
      • basic acl rule testcases
      • bng & bng with QoS testcases.

All the above tests can be run on deployment,

  • Baremetal
  • Standalone virtualization (ovs-dpdk, sriov)
  • Openstack via heat deployment (ovs, ovs-dpdk, sriov)

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