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There was a discussion on the mailing list and TSC a number of months back about changing the team meeting calendar so that there is one master calendar that includes different calendars for each project.  This tutorial walks through how to create a meeting calendar for your project and have it included in the master calendar.

Creating a Project Team Calendar

From the left banner on your project's page, select Calendars

In the upper right corner, select Add Calendar and add a new calendar.

Name it after your project, and select the timezone that best represents your project.

Edit your newly created calendar.

Select Event Types, and we are now going to add Custom Event Types according to the needs of your project meetings. Click on "Add new event type"/

The following event types are currently recognized:

  • Blue Jeans
  • IRC Only
  • WebEx
  • Non-OPNFV GoToMeeting
  • OPNFV GoToMeeting
  • 2nd OPNFV GoToMeeting Account
  • Zoom Meeting

Please ensure you select one of these and use the exact spelling or your event will appear differently than other projects that use the same type.

Also please ensure to use the same icon for the event type as listed.


In this example, we are adding an OPNFV GoToMeeting event type.

Create a new event for your meeting.


  • The time is the same as the timezone that you entered for the calendar.  If someone is in a different timezone, they will see the time according to their timezone.
  • By default, "All day event" is checked.  Uncheck it so that you can enter the times for the meeting.
  • Select the repeat frequency.  If it's a bi-weekly meeting, you can change it to repeat every 2 weeks.  Monthly and daily are options too.
  • If you want to change the time of the meeting with daylight savings, you can specify an end repeat date that corresponds to the start/end of DST, and then create a new meeting series that starts after that with the new time.
  • In the Where field, enter the URL of the meeting program.  This would just be the channel name in IRC-only meetings (eg: #opnfv-meeting).
  • In the Related page field, enter the URL of your project's meeting page from the Meetings space.

Once the event is created, change its colour to match what other projects use.  Again, this is needed so that your meeting blends in with the others rather than creating a mosaic of different palettes.

From the legend on your calendar, click the ... and the drop down will show the available colours.

OPNFV GoToMeeting is orange from bottom right.

2nd OPNFV GoToMeeting Account is second in from the bottom right.

IRC Only is the brown second from top, second from left.



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