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Currently the SNAPS-OO library has over 215 tests and counting that were written primarily to exercise the library's class constructors and methods as well as utility functions. These tests are currently broken down into four categories by the utility snaps.test_suite_builder. Please see the following markdown files in <git>/docs/: (explains how to run, (lists all of the unit test classes), (describes each of the API tests), (describes each of the integration tests).

Unit Tests - tests that can be run without any external components (OpenStack in this case)

OpenStack Client Tests - tests the ability to obtain a connection to each API (keystone, glance, neutron, nova).

API/Component Tests - tests the utility function calls to OpenStack with no or minimal dependencies

Integration Tests - creates entire virtual environments generally including: user, project, flavor(s), image(s), keypairs, network(s)/subnet(s), router(s), VM instance(s).

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