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1. standalone

Being one storage project in OPNFV, without openstack or k8s, stor4nfv can be independently used in any NFV cases which require access to very large amounts of storage. Ceph plays a role as the data plane and the backend driver of OpenSDS. 'dock' service of OpenSDS need to be deployed in any node of Ceph, including monitor and OSD. The users can use OpenSDS, control plane, to create, inquire, and delete data.


2. with k8s

Stor4NFV can be integrated with k8s. OpenSDS NBP project (an umbrella project for all OpenSDS project NorthBound Plugins, for OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos, VMware and so forth.) provides CSI plugin and service broker for OpenSDS used for the integration.

In this case, ceph plays a role as the backend driver of Cinder and Manila, and 'dock' service need to be deployed in all ceph/cinder/manila nodes. 

3. with openstack

Stor4NFV can be integrated with openstack. The plugin for Heat will be provided for access to OpenSDS service. In addition, users or admins can also use the extension for UI/Rest/CLI to call on OpenSDS.



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