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Project NameApex
Detailed Release PlanEuphrates Release Plan
First OPNFV Release?no
Primary ContactTim Rozet
Primary Time ZoneEDT
JIRA Project LinkAPEX
Code Development/Modification?yes
Test/Measurement/Monitoring project?no
Test project running as part of CI?N/A
Repos and Projectsapex, tripleo-heat-templates, puppet-tripleo, rdo, os-net-config, tripleo-quickstart, openstack puppet modules
Installer SupportN/A
ScenariosApex will provide base ODL scenario support.
Scenario Owner Discussion?No owner for ODL base scenarios.
New Scenario?N/A
Automated Test in CIValidate deployments and smoke test pass for healthcheck using Functest verification on patches.
Evidence of Deployment and Test in CIDaily jobs triggering deploy jobs and then functest jobs will prove deployments work and are functional.
Artifacts (non-code)N/A
OPNFV Dependenciesreleng. Support for features based on feature project participation.