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Target Date: Spring'2015


With Release one, Arno, an OPNFV developer should be able to access a build that integrates the baseline components from upstream projects including; Open Daylight, Open Stack, and KVM which has undergone a basic level of testing. The developer should be able to deploy that build to a Pharos test lab infrastructure and then build their own VNF applications on top of it. The development, integration, and deployment processes are prepared and usable in the scope of this baseline.

Arno Stable Release

Arno will be supported with stable releases that include necessary solutions to problems found in the platform and stable releases of upstream sourced components. Stable releases will be delivered in accordance with the Stable Branch guidelines.

Details on Arno Stable Release 1 can be found here: Arno stable release 1


For an integrated setup of Virtual Infrastructure Management, SDN control, Hypervisor, virtual switching, OPNFV release #1 is provide the following Selection of most important upstream projects:

  • OS Juno
  • ODL Helium (Neutron ML2-OVSDB proxy)
  • Ceph orchestrated by Cinder
  • OVS
  • Linux

Necessary scripts for deployment etc. will be included.


  • Integrated NFVI + VIM solution
    Defined fixed hardware configuration (6 servers) provides resources
  • Ability to run example simple VNFs on top of the deployed platform

Automatic Deployment

Automatic and repeatable deployment and installation to the defined hardware configuration of bare metal servers

  • Select deployment engine
  • Minimal hardware configuration
  • HA configuration with separated control and compute nodes
    (use HA configuration of the components that support it)
  • Automatic component and system-level testing to prove the installation is operational

Platform Documentation

Platform documentation can refer to documentation by upstream projects.
Nevertheless OPNFV release #1 needs to provide all necessary starting points and links.

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