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Colorado release page

Need to add pages around release planning, projects involved, infrastructure, reporting & share relevant information here.


The Colorado release will consist of a set of scenarios which may be extended by feature and development projects.

Scenario deployments of OPNFV need to be identified and established as quickly as possible. Feature projects are urged to identify scenarios they may be able to leverage to have their planned features deployed in an OPNFV environment, however it is understood some features may need specific scenarios.

All features or capabilities of the Colorado are expected to be verified with feature specific test cases as agreed with the testing projects, fully documented and verified.

At this time the development process is being further refined as part of the Brahmaputra retrospective and iterative improvements. Information on the development process will be made available here as it is refined for implementation in the Colorado.

All deployments should be repeatable and able to be cleaned when the deployment is to be removed. All test cases and test suites must be repeatable.
Any needed exemptions to the above guidelines may be raised to the TSC for discussion. It is envisioned that any exemptions raised after code freeze will be extremely difficult to accommodate.

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