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NameBob Monkman

Project name

Milestones affectedMS5
Rescheduled or exempted?Rescheduled
Other projects affectedNone
Background descriptionArmband issued an exception request for MS3 due to the same issue, extensive changes to the MIrantas install system under the Fuel project. MS3 , with virtual deployment that met the minimum requirements was completed roughly 2 weeks ago. But Armband requires bare metal (real set of 6 servers) deployment for full operation and MCP does not yet support bare metal. Therefore, Armband will be breaking new ground, working with the Mirantis engineer who is available to assist, to create bare metal deployment support. Note: Armband will seek to do so in an architecture neutral way such that it should work on x86-based systems as well. It was hoped to have been completed by 28July but is taking longer than expected.
Schedule impactWe have a much clearer update as to what is required now and we estimate about 10 working days (we are 2 days in already) to intersect again_ see plan below, we also buffer in 3 days and therefore target 25Aug2017 . This will not affect MS6 as the documentation effort is highly leveraged and in any case, with the exception of some release notes unique to the MCP status, is not affected by the development work still underway.


Recovery plan

* Complete maas work (6d)

  - Automate POD specific conf

  - Verify automatic provisioning of nodes

* Install control plane (3d)

* Verify OpenStack services (integration with CI & running functest) (1d)

Plus 3 days buffer.

. Alexandru Avadanii Cristina Pauna Thomas Lundström

Milestone schedule changeAug 25
RiskSmaller risk now that we are deeper into the analysis and stready progress has been made.


  1. Looks ok to me. I would expect that Fuel would file an exception request if they don't provide bare metal deployment.

  2. It looks like it might slip again if they don't get the help needed by Mirantis. I'd grant the exception for now, I hope things will get fixed soon.

  3. Bob Monkman - The TSC will review and vote on the exception during the TSC meeting on Tues, Aug 1.  Please make sure that you're on the call to answer any questions that come up.

  4. All, Given the move of the MS5 Schedule to Aug 11, Armband withdraws this particular request for exception against the previous 28Jul date. We will review again Aug 11

  5. This was reopened on August 10th and will be on the TSC call on the 15th....