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NameKoren Lev

Project name

Milestones affectedMS5
Rescheduled or exempted?reschedule
Other projects affectednone
Background descriptionWe built integration for Fuel, now reverts to APEX, needs 2 more weeks to integrate into installer
Schedule impactNo impact to other milestones


Recovery plan
  1. upload to OPNFV into 2 repositories : 1. Calipso-app 2. Calipso-UI , to be done by Aug 5th.
  2. introduce our installer (docker based, in line with APEX design) to APEX team and integrate with APEX installer by Aug 11th.
  3. here are some more updates:

    1.    we fixed an issue regarding working with OPNFV gerrit from cisco (https instead of none-standard ssh port outbound from cisco).
    2.    our code is uploaded, Jenkins job running against it but failed due to opnfv specific ‘regex violations’ per:
    Anteater Has Blocked my patch, what should I do?
    3.    we are working on anteater to see howto apply patches of those ‘violating strings’ to our code, and looking for support on those.
    4.    we are learning APEX and met with Tim and he’s team at 10th Aug , offering for integration of calipso installer.

    those steps we took and diving in more gives me assurance that we will meet deadline to deliver MS5+6 on time before Aug 24th.

    what we need is support for Jenkins job - tim + calipso team
Milestone schedule changeMS5+MS6 -> 24th August
RiskAPEX developers support for helping integrate our docker based installer, if this does not accomplished on time deliver 1 script installer for our app and yaml instruction


  1. Looks ok to me. No other dependencies.

  2. Ok, but it is not clear to me which scenario Calipso is going to support. Since they are already discussing with the Apex team, then the scenario just needs to be added to the scenario list

  3. Koren Lev - could you please address Tapio's comment, above?

  4. Koren Lev - The TSC will review and vote on the exception during the TSC meeting on Tues, Aug 1.  Please make sure that you're on the call to answer any questions that come up.

  5. Greetings Tapio, so we are investigating APEX for post-install capabilities, we might as well end up writing a new scenario:

    1. install OPNFV, bringing up openstack in the process.
    2. "bring up operations tools" scenario using post-install installer --> bring up calipso app (calipso team can accomplish this)
    3. test calipso app is 'alive' (calipso team can accomplish this)
    4. not for MS5 : test that calipso app can scan openstack (this is currently a manual job by the calipso admin, just like openstack admin on horizon but we can automate something here later)
  6. withdrawing the request per new schedule

  7. re-sending request for exception, working on Jenkins CI into complete new scenario : os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-noha-calipso

  8. This does not appear to be updated? How far did you get during the last two weeks with APEX integration?

  9. We are mostly focused on a jenkins job for a new scenario, as we could not find a previous one that fits post install of ops tools, so it takes longer then expected..