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NameRyota Mibu

Project name

Milestones affectedMS5
Rescheduled or exempted?Rescheduled
Other projects affected-
Background description

There are two on-going activities which we are requesting one week grace period in order to get them merged in E release cycle. The patches are already uploaded to gerrit.

1) Doctor team has been working on refactoring of its testing code with python. DOCTOR-93 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2) We are adding collectd support as an experimental option of the doctor test case. DOCTOR-101 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Schedule impact

The both won't effect MS6 by having a decision to defer those items.

Recovery plan

Stick with the old code which are verified in D release. We are keeping the old code in master and having refactored code beside it. There is an option to chose code for doctor testing already.

Milestone schedule changeMS5 --> 10th August
RiskDoctor team may have multiple codes to debug and result further delay potentially. Note, new refactored code are easier to debug comparing to old bash script.