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  • Euphrates Test Results
  • Note:  Euphrates will have just one point release, instead of the usual two, per TSC decision 10/10/17.


ScenarioInstallerOwnerJenkins Job Created (Y/N)Bugs

Intent to release 5.0 (Y/N)

Intent to release 5.1 (Y/N)



CommentsReleased (Y/N)
os-nosdn-nofeature-haApexTim RozetY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-calipso-nohaApexKoren LevY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaApexTim RozetY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-nofeature-haApexTim RozetY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-nofeature-nohaApexTim RozetY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-haApexTim RozetY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-nohaApexTim RozetY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-ovs_dpdk-haApexTim RozetN NN Target E 1.0N
os-odl-ovs_dpdk-nohaApexTim RozetN NN Target E 1.0N
os-odl-fdio-nohaApexFrank BrocknersY YN Target E 5.0Y
os-odl-fdio-haApex Frank Brockners Y YN Target E 5.0Y
os-odl-fdio_dvr-nohaApex Frank Brockners Y YN Target E 5.0N
os-nosdn-fdio-nohaApexJerome TolletY    Target E 5.0N
os-nosdn-fdio-haApexJerome Tollet Y    Target E 5.2N
os-odl-k8s_coe-nohaApexTim RozetN NN Target FN
os-odl-k8s_coe-haApexTim RozetN NN Target FN
os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk-haApexJiang, YunhongY    Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk-nohaApexJiang, YunhongY    Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-bar-haApexMaryam TahhanY NY Target E 5.1Y
os-nosdn-bar-nohaApexMaryam TahhanY NY Target E 5.1Y
os-odl-bgpvpn-haApexTim IrnichY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-bgpvpn-nohaApexTim Irnich     Target E 1.0Y
os-odl_l2-moon-haCompass4NFVRuan HEY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl_l2-moon-nohaCompass4NFVRuan HEY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-sfc-ha ApexManuel BuilY NY Target E 1.0N
os-odl-sfc-nohaApexManuel BuilY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-nofeature-haDaisyZhijiang HuY YY Target E 1.0Y?
os-odl-nofeature-ha DaisyZhijiang HuY YY Target E 1.0Y?


 JOID Narinder Gupta & Ruijing GuoYes YY  Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-nofeature-haJOID Narinder GuptaYes YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-lxd-haJOID Narinder GuptaYes YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-lxd-nohaJOID Narinder GuptaYes YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaJOID Narinder GuptaYes YY Target E 1.0Y
os-ocl-nofeature-haJOIDStuart MackieYes YY Target E 1.0N
os-ocl-nofeature-nohaJOIDStuart Mackie  Yes YY Target E 1.0N
os-nosdn-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chiY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaCompass4NFVJustin chiY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-sfc-haCompass4NFVJustin chiY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-sfc-nohaCompass4NFVJustin chiY YY Target E 1.0Y
k8s-nosdn-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chiY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chiY (odl-l3 named in jenkins) YY Target E 1.0Y
os-odl-nofeature-nohaCompass4NFVJustin chiY (odl-l3 named in jenkins) YY Target E 1.0Y
os-onos-sfc-haCompass4NFVJustin chi  NN F releaseN
os-onos-nofeature-haCompass4NFVJustin chi  NN F releaseN
os-nosdn-bar-haCompass4NFVJustin chiY NY Target E 2.0Y?
os-nosdn-kvm-nohaCompass4NFVDavid ChouY YY Target E 1.0Y?
os-nosdn-kvm-haCompass4NFVDavid ChouY NY Target E 1.0Y?
os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-nohaCompass4NFVDavid ChouY YY Target E 1.0Y?
os-nosdn-ovs_dpdk-haCompass4NFVDavid ChouY NY Target E 1.0Y?
os-nosdn-nofeature-nohaFuel/MCPMichael PolenchukY YY Target E 1.0Y (N on ARM)
os-nosdn-nofeature-haFuel/MCPMichael PolenchukY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-ovs-nohaFuel/MCPMichael PolenchukY YY Target E 1.0Y (N on ARM)
os-nosdn-ovs-haFuel/MCPMichael PolenchukY YY Target E 1.0Y (N on ARM)
os-odl-nofeature-nohaFuel/MCPMichael PolenchukY YY Target E 1.0Y (N on ARM)
os-odl-nofeature-haFuel/MCPMichael PolenchukY YY Target E 1.0Y
os-nosdn-openbaton-haJOIDMichael PaulsYes YY Target E 1.0Y
k8-ovn-lb-nohaJOIDVikram Dham


 YY Target E 1.0Y
os-ovn-nofeature-nohaCompass4NFVVikram Dham N NY Target E 3.0 or F releaseN
os-ovn-nofeature-noha ApexVikram Dham Y YY  Target E 1.0Y
os-ovn-nofeature-nohaJOIDPrakash RamchandranYes? (need to check) YY Target E 1.0N
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