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NameManuel Buil

Project name

Milestones affectedMS5
Rescheduled or exempted?Exempted
Other projects affectedSFC
Background descriptionAPEX may not be on time supporting ovs 2.6 + nsh patch which we require in SFC to run our testcases. This specific ovs is supported by Compass, however, they never submitted the sfc scenario into their supported scenarios, even though it runs in the CI. Therefore, to reduce the risk of SFC not being able to release, I request an exception so that sfc scenario is supported by Compass
Schedule impactNo impact


Recovery plan


Milestone schedule change-
RiskCompass is currently failing on some functest testcases. That results it sfc scenarios not being tested. The risk is that they are not on time to test sfc scenarios

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    Although SFC has not been supported by Compass, if it passes the tests then I see no reason why Fraser could not be released so that SFC is deployed with Compass. I understand that releasing SFC with Apex is still an option.