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Project NameFuel - Fuel Opnfv
Detailed Release PlanFuel Opnfv
First OPNFV Release?No
Primary ContactGregory Elkinbard
Primary Time ZonePST
JIRA Project LinkFUEL -

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Code Development/Modification?Yes
Test/Measurement/Monitoring project?No
Test project running as part of CI?N/A
Repos and Projects
Installer SupportThis is an installer project
DeploymentProject will support all Danube scenarios. CI allows for deployment of specific scenario
Scenariosos-odl_l2-bgpvpn-ha, os-nosdn-kvm-ha, os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk-ha, os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk-noha, os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk_bar-ha, os-nosdn-kvm_ovs_dpdk_bar-noha, os-odl_l2-sfc-ha, os-odl_l2-sfc-noha, os-nosdn-nofeature-ha, os-nosdn-nofeature-noha, os-odl_l2-nofeature-ha, os-odl_l2-nofeature-noha, os-odl_l3-nofeature-ha, os-odl_l3-nofeature-noha, os-odl_l2-fdio-ha, os-odl_l3-fdio-ha
Scenario Owner Discussion?yes
New Scenario?no
Automated Test in CIFuel uses standard installer CI with FuncTest and YardStick
Evidence of Deployment and Test in CI
Artifacts (non-code)
OPNFV DependenciesNo