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NameJerome Tollet

Project name

Milestones affectedMS5, MS6
Rescheduled or exempted?Rescheduled
Other projects affected

APEX, Feng Pan

Background descriptionA change in the APEX installer requirements caused integration to take longer to implement than expected.
Schedule impactOther milestones shouldn't be missed because of this change

Recovery plan

Feng Pan  is ready to work upstream on necessary changes in APEX

Milestone schedule changeSept 21th
RiskLow risk


  1. Is there any work going on with APEX team to merge the required changes ? please share the gerrit reviews.

    1. Yes, there are. Feng Pan, can you please share gerrit ids?


  2. Look ok except for the gerrit reviews that were requested

    1. Feng Pan is currently working on it. He confirmed Sept 21th shall be fine. We'll share the gerrit id once ready.