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Project name

Milestones affectedMS12
Rescheduled or exempted?Rescheduled
Other projects affectednone
Background description

The "os-odl-bgvpn-noha scenario to fuel installers" was not ready for 7.0 release of Gambia.

This is an extension request of MS12 to merge it now in 7.1 release.

This approach was also proposed at discussions of history.

Schedule impact
No other milestone is expected to be impacted

Recovery plan

The deploy of the os-odl-bgvpn-noha scenario is passing, check : SUCCESS : SUCCESS

Milestone schedule changeI don't really see a reason why to change the date since the patch is passing and the relevant documentation is ready
RiskThere is no impact for other functionally.


  1. I know it's late in the release cycle but the scenario is already working and there's no risk to adding it. I am OK with allowing the exception