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NameCristina Pauna

Project name

Fuel & Armband
Milestones affectedMS5
Rescheduled or exempted?Rescheduled
Other projects affectednone
Background descriptionThe deploy of the os-ovn-nofeature-ha is not passing. We need to put and test a different configuration for it to install properly
Schedule impactNo other milestone is expected to be impacted

Recovery plan

Guillermo Herrero is working on the new configuration already

Milestone schedule change14/09
RiskIf the deployment is not successfull by the new date we will remove the scenario from the release


  1. Please share the patches submitted for this ? 

    1. Will do once it is ready. Right now it's still a work in progress

  2. I think that MS6 is affected, as well, since it was scheduled for Sept 7.

    1. Not really, as MS5 and MS6 have a degree of independence between themselves:

      Test cases implemented - NA

      preliminary documentation completed - the structure is already done

      stable branch open - we will branch next week

      I guess the only impact is the scenario description file. I will make a stub for it today and update the MS6 compliance table.

      As of yesterday, the configuration issue has been resolved and the deployment is successful on both arches:

      The patch that resolved the issue is