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As a part of the planning process, the contributing projects in OPNFV that wanted to use the next release vehicle (Iruyya) are requested to outline the proposed functionality.

Please use a simple format such as:

Project <Name> or Subproject

  • Feature 1
  • Testing process pilot zeta
  • Feature 2.5

Project NFVbench

  • migration to python3
  • add support for VxLAN latency measurement
  • upgrade latency reporting to use HDR latency histogram
  • TRex performance optimization
  • run NFVbench on OPNFV LaaS

Subproject XCI

  • Migration to python3
  • Integration with Openstack-Helm
  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04 and openSUSE 15.0 (currently Ubuntu 16.04 and openSUSE 42.3)
  • Various software upgrades (Bifrost, Ansible, Kubespray and OpenStack)
  • DPDK support
  • Run baremetal in CI

Project StorPerf

  • Creation of FIO containers for K8s or Docker testing of storage performance
  • Support for running storage containers and reporting metrics

Project Doctor 

  • Integrate with latest OpenStack Fenix
  • Find installer to run testing and integrate to it

Project Barometer

  • Migrate to python 3
  • update to latest collectd release (whatever that will be, when Iruya is released)

Project VSPERF

  • Containerizing VSPERF - Deploy, TestControl and Results containers.
  • Configuration generation tool
  • Advanced Analytics - Improved analytics.
  • Version-1 of Container-Networking Benchmarking. 

Project Airship Installer

  • Containerized OpenStack Deployment in k8s cluster
  • Direct Upstream Deployment
  • Upstream Support for New Features Integrated into Upstream
  • Partial support of CNTT Reference Model (subject to readiness of CNTT RM specification)

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