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Please use this page at M2 to document your project's significant accomplishments and new features for this release.  This material will be used to craft the marketing message for the release. Remember, this is your opportunity to promote your project. 

Please use one row per significant accomplishment.  


Best contact for followup questions 

(Use @ notation)

What has changed?Why is this significant/beneficial to a user/consumer of OPNFV?

Notes, links to more information, etc.

DoctorTomi Juvonen
  • Infrastructure maintenance/upgrade ETSI defined interface support to optimize and always guarantee the zero impact on VNF on top. This utilizes Fenix.
  • OpenStack DevsTack support for any testing that does not need OPNFV installer.
  • Further Kubernetes and OpenStack testing for maintenance/upgrade build at Fenix side.
Ability to make Telco-grade maintenance and upgrade.


Jerma Release Planning

SampleVNFLuc Provoost
  • Test probe image is available in artifacts.
  • Xtesting container is now available to run the test automatically
  • Results are uploaded to Xtesting server
Ability to make test cloud-configured dataplane networking benchmarks using ETSI NFV TST009 standard methods and automate using X-testing
KuberefRihab Banday
  • Fully automated CNTT RI2 deployment on bare-metal hosts in Ericsson & Intel OPNFV Labs using opensource tooling
  • Framework code hosted in OPNFV Gerrit
  • Kuberef passes CNTT RC2 conformance suite
Serve as a reference platform to deploy reference implementation in accordance with CNTT RA2 and compliant with CNTT RC2


Kuberef Gerrit

  • Latest version of OVS, DPDK and VPP.
  • Latest T-Rex Version Support.
  • Virtualized IxNet TrafficGen Support.
  • Automatically deploy traffic generator(s) and run Tests with Openstack in Traffic Gen Mode.
  • Run Kubernetes Container-Networking Benchmarking - Multus, OVS-DPDK/VPP, and SRIOV Plugins.
  • Automated Telemetry Infrastructure deployment and advanced analysis of test and monitoring data.

Know the performance of Latest version of vswitches.

Flexibility in using traffic generators.

Use opensource framework with commercial traffic generators for openstack dataplane performance testing 

Single framework for both VM-based container-based networking performance testing.

Perform Analysis to answer 'why' questions.

  •  include a suite of validation tool both software and hardware delivery 
  • support software validation, and multiple installers/installations (Airship, TripleO, Fuel, etc), pre-deployment and post-deployment 
  • support hardware validation by redfish, a systematic test case defined ,also  customized test case definition supported.
  • PDF 2.0 format supported (defined from CNTT)

Ablity to validate the key stage before and after software deployment, image availability, configuration correctness, status, security e tc.

Ability to examine a batch of hardware servers per type before starting a resource pool deployment 

PDF2.0 compliant with CNTT RI1


Hardware delivery validation

CIRV Project Release Planning

DOVETAILAdded support for submitting the OVP result thru REST API with LFN user authentication in placeHelps in test automation, once the required testing for certification is completed, it allows to push the the results for the CVC review thru REST API integration point, which was an manual step earlierDovetail Project Release Planning (Jerma)
  • Upgraded to latest Airship (v1.8) and OpenStack Helm including bug fixes and enhancements
  • Upgraded OpenStack release from Ocata to Stein
  • Now supports deployment of OVS-DPDK and SR-IOV for VNF use
  • VLAN Trunking Support
  • Enhanced security with Container Immutability, introduction of AppArmors and some latest CVE fixes
  • Enhanced logging and monitoring including support for DPDK
  • Major Ceph version upgrade to Nautilus (14.2.9) with bluestore
  • OPNFV Airship Installer deployment script bug fixes and enhancement
  • Further simplification of OPNFV Airship site manifest creation by optimizing CNTT Airship type "cruiserlite" design
  • Upgraded to Kubernetes v 17.2
  • Introduction of containerd as container runtime
  • Ubuntu OS upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 with associated kernel upgrade to 4.15

  • Intel i40e Driver Update from version 2.9.24 to version 2.11.25

Keeping in sync with the latest upstream Airship design, and major upgrade in OpenStack release, k8s, Ceph and other open source tools to provide telco grade CNTT RI-1 implementation of NFV infrastructure; Better facilitate VNF testing and certification with the new built-in support for OVS-DPDK and SR-IOV, enhanced performance, and improved security, logging and monitoring.
FDSFrank Brockners
  • Bug-fixes only

  • Added support for collectd 5.12 and DPDK 19.11
  • Added the support for the new dpdk_telemetry plugin
  • Updated reference containers for CentOS  8
  • Some testing updates

Provides access to the newer metrics for monitoring the NFVI.
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