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Since we have agreement to try a new release process for Jerma with the key element of a centralized requirement vetting, a wiki space to discuss and refine the process was created. Please use this space to contribute your ideas, discuss, and refine the new role of Requirements Working Group (RWG).


 “Begin with the end in mind” - S. Covey

My review the release process suggests outcomes including:

  • Clear requirements – iterate with requestor until clear

  • Clear ownership within OPNFV projects for the development/delivery of a specific feature

  • Top-level prioritization of the requirements for the release

  • Basic technical review and project level acceptance of the request

Requirements Working Group Assessment page

This page is work in progress.

 Open Questions:

  • What is the process for the transform of email/bar napkin requests into jira tickets for the release requirements?

  • Should the RWG ask for a small chunk of the Monday tech-discuss meeting OR the Tuesday Release Management meeting?

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