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See the description of the Milestone Exception process.

Review Team:  Rossella SblendidoTapio TallgrenTrinath SomanchiLaura Sofia Enriquez


  1. DO NOT edit this table directly.  Instead, click on the button below that says "Create New Exception Request"
  2. Edit the title of the page by adding the project name and affected milestones.  Note:  you will get an error if you create a title that already exists.
  3. Please complete all of the fields in the form, except the fields that say "Release Manager only". Make sure that you are providing sufficient detail, especially when describing your recovery plan.
  4. Once you have completed and saved the form, you will notice that it appears in the table below.
  5. Finally, notify the release manager by email that you have filed an exception request, so that the review process can be started.



Create New Exception Request

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