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Feature projects (non-installer) should complete the following table.

Project NameHave you read the Pharos Specification (yes/no)?

Number of POD
vPOD = virtual POD
POD = Pharos POD 

Lab or POD Name

(enter "unknown" if this is your first time using Pharos Lab resources)

Please describe any non-standard requirements.
ArmbandYes2 PODsEnea 
KVM4NFVYes1 PODIntel POD 10 
DoctorYes4 vPOD

ool-virtual1 (apex)

ool-virtual2 (fuel)

ool-virtual3 (joid)

huawei Munich vPoD (compass)

We need 4 PoD for our CI jobs running per patch upload.

These 4 PoDs are needed to build with different installers (apex, fuel, joid, compass).

 We prefer to have deployed PoD rather than having deploy builder per job, due to having tests frequently.

 Domino Yes1 vPOD  
NetReadyyes1 vPOD  
BarometerYes1 PODIntel POD 13 
MoonYes3 PODs These 3 PODs are needed for the distributed security framework of Moon
Multisiteyes3 vPOD Three vPod to form a multisite scenario
OpenContrailyes1 POD  
Promiseyes1 POD  
SFCyes1 PODEricsson POD1 (Fuel)We'll have a 2nd POD when the Openstack Ansible work is ready
VNF Forwarding Graphyes1 POD  
VSPERFyes1 PODIntel POD 12NFVI performance testing - requires special network configuration and traffic generators
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