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IMPORTANT:  If your project deploys with one or more specific scenarios, please add your scenarios to the scenarios status page after you complete this form.

Project NameSNAPS-OO
Detailed Release PlanSNAPS-OO Release Plan for OPNFV Hunter
First OPNFV Release?no
Primary Contact
Primary Time ZoneMST
JIRA Project Link
Code Development/Modification?Minimal code changes expected
Test/Measurement/Monitoring project?yes
Test project running as part of CI?Project has been integrated into Functest
Repos and Projects
Installer Supportn/a
DeploymentFunctest & Storperf integration (minimally)
Automated Test in CI

Self validation since Pharos stopped working for us well over a year ago. We have a task here at CableLabs to create a SNAPS-OO CI job

Evidence of Deployment and Test in CIUnknown at this time as we used to have it when running in Pharos
Artifacts (non-code)
OPNFV Dependenciesno