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OPNFV does not have a required template or other requirements for project release plans.  The OPNFV community believes that projects should be free to create a release plan that suits their needs. However, project teams occasionally request guidance on creating a release plan.  Therefore, this document is intended to provide some suggestions for creating a release plan.  Feel free to copy it and adapt it to your project as you see fit.

To use this template, click "Edit" on this page and copy the text below this line.  Create a new page in your wiki project space and paste the text into that document. You will need to cut the the first paragraph header, below, and paste it into the title for your page.

<release name> Release Plan for <project name>

Project Description

Provide a brief, high level description of your project.  Include a link to your project page.

Summary of Goals

Describe at a high level what you intend to accomplish during the release cycle and why it's important.  This should be a narrative that ties together everything that you plan to do.  Do not simply list your detailed requirements.  

Goal 1

Goal 2, etc.

Uncommon Dependencies

List any unusual dependencies.  This could be hardware (type or quantity), software, dependencies on other OPNFV projects, test frameworks, upstream components, etc.  Be as specific as possible.  If the dependency is described in a JIRA ticket, or other documentation, provide a link to it.  Describe what actions you've taken, or plan to take, to fulfill the requirement. Also, describe the consequences if the dependency is not met and what your fallback position will be.

Dependency 1

Dependency 2, etc.

Detailed Requirements and Tasks (JIRA)

Provide a list of JIRA tickets (preferable), or other documentation, that describe the detailed requirements and tasks that you plan to complete for the release.  Ideally, all work that you plan to accomplish is represented in JIRA.  Make sure that the "fix version" field is set to the current release (use existing version numbers, don't make your own).


Describe new test case development to support new features, or to increase coverage for existing features.  Describe any gaps in OPNFV test frameworks and how you are dealing with those gaps.


Describe any new or revised documentation that you plan to complete for the release.


Describe each risk that you are aware of, and how you intend to mediate that risk.  

Risk 1

Risk 2, etc.


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