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Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is part of Evolved Packet System that integrated Long Term Evolution (LTE) Radio Access Network (RAN) into Pcket Core to support Data, Voice and Video Traffic over the Carrier Networks. EPC consits of both Control Plane Module for Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Data Plane pair called Serving and Packet Gateways (SGW/PGW). Most Carriers prefer and Vendors provide a combined SGW/PGW modules.

A minimum VNF Package for EPC will include lsit of VNFC or VDUs




Interface Adapters/ Drivers





The use case is deployed by ABot framework under OAI in open Source, This implementation is now under development and JOID team along with ABot has demonstrated to OPNFV MANO and Tech teams and in discussions with Functest and likely to review with other teams. Thus as part of this community effort to promote NFV use cases teams are consideringrevisions under section 10 of new NFV#17 which is the current state of EPC in ETSI NFV.

Use case Description (Planned by Prakash / Narinder/ Samir to this in Q1/2017)

The Open Air Interface (OAI) is the most current implementation available to explore the use case.

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