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Colorado Release Planning

Apex targeted New features for Colorado release:

  • Mitaka OpenStack Support
  • OpenDaylight HA (OVSDB Clustering)
  • Upstream support for features integrated into Brahmaputra (Aodh, OpenDaylight, etc)
  • Tacker MANO included
  • Resource Isolation (NUMA Affinity/Pinning) for Overcloud Processes
  • Nova Instance NUMA Affinity/Pinning
  • Huge Page Support
  • Real Time KVM (supported in Mitaka)
  • OpenContrail Controller
  • OVN Controller
  • IPv6 Support in Underlay and Overlay Networks
  • Multiple deployments per jumphost - Multiple Overcloud deployments (virtual or baremetal)
  • OVS with DPDK
  • FDIO with Honeycomb agent

Previous release features from Brahmaputra will continue to be supported in Colorado.

New features are captured under   APEX-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and any dependencies will be documented there.  Installer related bug fixes or improvments will be captured with the "colorado" label and fixed in version "Colorado".

Estimated timeline for MS2: June 4th (new installer features)

Estimated timeline for MS3: July 15th (OPNFV project feature integration into installer)




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  1. I think those should be MS3 and MS4, rather than MS2 and MS3 at the end of the plan.