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Danube Release Planning

Apex targeted New features/work for Danube release:

  • Newton OpenStack Support
  • OpenDaylight new Netvirt + networking_odl V2
  • Upstream support for features integrated into Brahmaputra/Colorado (SDNVPN/Tacker/Congress/FDIO, etc)
  • New Scenarios (os-odl-ovs-noha, os-odl-ovs-ha, os-odl-l3-ovs-noha)
  • All-in-one snapshot builds (for developers)
  • Real Time KVM
  • OpenContrail Controller
  • OVN Controller
  • Multiple External networks
  • Migrating Apex Code base (Python, Ansible, TripleO QuickStart?)
  • Containerize undercloud
  • 3rd party ODL CI (snapshot OPNFV artifacts)
  • ARM support
  • ONOS CI job
  • Gluon support

Previous release features from Colorado will continue to be supported in Colorado.



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