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Hunter Release Planning

Apex targeted New features/work for Gambia release (Traditional Release):

  • Rocky OpenStack Support
  • Oxygen ODL Support
  • Direct Upstream deployment
  • Upstream support for features integrated into Gambia
  • New COE Scenarios (os-odl-k8s_coe-noha, k8s-odl-nofeature-noha)
  • ARM support
  • SRIOV scenario
  • Mellanox OVS offload scenario
  • Contrail/Tungsten Support

Features targeted for XCI (Master Continuous Delivery):

  • Master OpenStack Support
  • Flourine/Neon ODL Support
  • OpenDaylight CI to officially transition to using Apex snapshots
  • Support Functest with snapshots for Functest Project CI verification
  • Features/Scenarios planned in Traditional track will also be supported in XCI track
  • Upstream support for various OPNFV projects (Vitrage, Barometer)



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