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The Armband project team plans to build upon the Euphrates release with expand support for additional scenarios including at least 1 additional installer, additional vendor's server hardware,, mixed architecture pods and continued performance optimization. 

The list of items targeted for Armband in Fraser are as follows, but subject to change if resources or required external support is not forthcoming:

Higher Priority Items:

  • Continued integration with Mirantis MCP, update to the version of OpenStack chosen for Fraser
  • Apex Installer support, which implies CentOS provisioning and relies upon Red Hat Triple-O support. This work was started during Danube, nearly completed for Euphrates, but should now be ready in time for the Fraser release
  • Mixed Architecture Pod Support- Some Arm-based hardware is well suited for Compute Nodes (e.g. edge-focused), but not necessarily targeted for Controller functions. it is entirely reasonable that end customers would choose either Arm or x86 servers for Controller Nodes, and therefore Armband will seek to build mixed architecture pods with x86 Controllers and Arm-based Compute nodes, for that particular use case.
  • Continued optimization of DPDK and ODP data plane acceleration frameworks
  • Participation from the JOID team has restarted recently and if time permits, we shall add JOID support as well
  • YardStick- adding any new tests and adding performance optimizations identified in Q4 2017
  • Coorindation with XCI and Auto projects, LaaS initiative
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