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This presentation from the OPNFV Summit provides some background about what we want to achieve in the first phase of the Bamboo project:

There is significant interest in the test project community to be able to correlate results from multiple test projects and to enrich the interpretation of test results. This is a summary of the expectations that were presented in the slides:

Trend over time

Comparison of test results between different SUT or condition

Traceability from performance indicator to collected metrics and raw data

Detection of anomaly

Correlation analysis between performance and SUT factors

The Euphrates roadmap summary from the slides is:

Deploy a PNDA instance in OPNFV infrastructure

Sink output from upstream test projects into PNDA instance

Develop value-add analysis with dashboards to augment what already provides

Focus on providing “test intelligence”

Prepare path to using PNDA analytics in a production OPNFV world


We want to use Bamboo phase 1 as an opportunity to learn about PNDA deployment and developing analytics use cases. This will pave the way for Bamboo phase 2 when we want to integrate PNDA into OPNFV scenarios. Bamboo phase 2 is post-Euphrates.


1Create PNDA InfrastructureInstall PNDA instance in OPNFV hosting infrastructureHighDonald HunterBamboo Euphrates Progress
2Integrate Functest dataConsume Functest output and store in PNDAHighDonald HunterIn progress
3Integrate Qtip dataConsume Qtip output and store in PNDAMediumDonald Hunter 
4Integrate Barometer dataConsume Barometer output and store in PNDAMediumDonald Hunter 
5Trend AnalysisImplement multi-dataset trend analysis and publish using Grafana dashboardsMediumDonald Hunter 
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