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  • Proposed name for the project: Bamboo
  • Proposed name for the repository: bamboo

Project description

Project “Bamboo” adds an analytics subsystem to a set of OPNFV scenarios as well as provides for an analytics framework to post-process OPNFV test results created by the OPNFV CI/CD pipeline.


Bamboo leverages the project to create an analytics subsystem for OPNFV. The analytics subsystem can be used in two different ways:

  • Offer post-processing of the test-results created by the different OPNFV testing projects such as FuncTest, Yardstick etc. For this the Bamboo project will create a permanent installation of an analytics subsystem which will integrate with the current OPNFV test results database infrastructure on
  • Offer analytics as part of an integrated NFV solution stack. For that, Bamboo will integrate the provided analytics subsystem into a select set of existing OPNFV scenarios. Initially Bamboo will integrate with and extend scenarios provided by the FastDataStacks project, in particular “os-odl_l2-fdio” and “os-odl_l3-fdio”.

Key work items include

  • Phase 1.  Create a standalone deployment of the analytics subsystem for OPNFV and integrate it with the existing OPNFV test-results databases that store the test results of the OPNFV test projects.
  • Phase 2.  Integrate with “os-odl_l2-fdio” and “os-odl_l3-fdio” scenarios, incl. automated installation capabilities.
  • Phase 3.  Enhance OPNFV testing to include verification of the Bamboo provided analytics subsystem (provide for Functest, Yardstick, etc. tests)
    • OPNFV projects:


Committers and Contributors:

Planned deliverables

Project deliverables:

  • Permanent installation of Bamboo to offer post-processing of OPNFV testresults created by the OPNFV CI/CD pipeline (“”)
  • Scenarios – Analytics enhanced scenarios based on FastDataStacks scenarios (e.g. os-odl_l2-fdio); composition, deployment, testing

Proposed Release Schedule:

The project initial deliverable is expected to be available in time for the OPNFV “E” release.

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  1. Hi Bamboo-ers,

    Currently I am working in Functest and Qtip projects, and the core-worker of the TestAPI, which is the test results server of, I am quite interested in the post-processing of the test-results and the integration of Qtip with Bamboo. I added myself in the contributors, hope you don't mind.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I am working on sizing estimates for a Bamboo PNDA instance. To feed into that, I will need an estimate of current disk needs for each of the testing projects and an estimate of growth trajectory. Can you help by providing data for your projects.

    Many thanks,