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This is a landing page for discussing ideas related to the upcoming C release and what Bottlenecks will do.

Plans Summary

  • Bottlenecks definition documents
    • the VIM/MANO bottlenecks definition document, etc.
  • Integration and test workflow improvement
    • alignment with YAML, putting configuration of test suites and test cases into YAML files;
    • unified entry point for both existing test suites and future test suites;
    • clear stages for each test suites, e.g. bringing up VMs, deploying needed tools, executing test cases, collecting results, etc.;
  • Puppet refactor of the existing rubbos test suite
    • installation, configuration, and deployment via pre-defined puppet modules;
    • more test cases in rubbos;
    • bottlenecks discovery by varying the number of clients/web servers/application servers/database servers, or the type of database systems;
  • Improvement of the existing vstf test suite
    • configurable test cases in the beginning;
    • more test cases in vstf;
    • bottlenecks discovery;
  • Dashboard improvement
    • by comparing different kind of dashboard, choose the one that most suits the Bottlenecks;
  • More scenarios or test suites added
    • more cooperation with requirement projects, to add more test cases.


Dependency Identification

  • OPNFV:
    • Pharos
    • Octopus
    • Releng
    • Installer: Fuel, Compass
  • OpenStack
  • Open vSwitch
  • Libvirt

Time Plan

MS 0 - Project planning8/MarchProjects indicate intent to participate in Colorado releaseDone
MS 1 - Planning complete8/AprilClose project inclusion and plans are establishedDone
MS 2 - Test case definition complete15/May

Companion test cases ready

(unified entry point;puppet refactor of rubbos;

added test cases in rubbos and vstf)

To be disscussed
MS 3 - Feature code freeze16/June

Close feature project development phase

(dashboard, bottlenecks discovery)

xx - Test code freeze28/JuneTest infra and scenario tests complete 
xx - Integration ready28/JulyScenario integration complete 

Related JIRAs

  • Bottlenecks definition documents: 
    BOTTLENECK-34 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Integration and test workflow improvement:
    BOTTLENECK-42 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Puppet refactor of the existing rubbos test suite
    BOTTLENECK-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Improvement of the existing vstf test suite
    BOTTLENECK-59 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Dashboard improvement
    BOTTLENECK-43 - Getting issue details... STATUS


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