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Compass101 is a series of videos used for tutoring those who interested in Compass installer to deploy an OPNFV platform. It includes four videos which are Preconditions, Virtual Deployment, Bare Metal Deployment and Verification.


The Preconditions introduces some requirements for your servers, e.g. OS, NICs, RAM, hard disk and so on. Then this video also presents how to achieve the preconditions before deployment including retrieving the installation ISO image, getting the deployment scripts and downloading the package used for jump host preparation.

Virtual Deployment

The Virtual Deployment presents how to process a virtual deployment based on just one server. It includes configuring network, choose scenario file, create, etc. After all the configurations, just run the to start the deployment. 

Bare Metal Deployment

The Bare Metal Deployment presents how to process a bare metal deployment on 6 servers. It includes configuring DHA file which is used to define your scenario and node information, configuring network, create, etc. After all the configurations, just run the to start the deployment. 


The Verification presents how to verify your cluster is working well by using dashboard, which includes using OpenStack horizon to create tenant network, router, image, security group, flavor and 2 instances, etc.

For virtual deployment make sure to verify the docker network on vPOD as follows

$sudo docker network ls

NETWORK ID          NAME                DRIVER              SCOPE

4935a2c01f92        bridge              bridge              local

0066e5fe8174        docker_default      bridge              local

43d1e3e35bbe        host                host                local

cd475f8d48e6        none                null                local

$sudo docker inspect docker_default 

 Here you must see that under "Containers" you visually see that following 4 containers are in use.

"Name": "compass-tasks", "Name": "compass-deck", "Name": "compass-db", "Name": "compass-mq"

And then ssh root@host1 or ip and attach to utility container $lxc-attach - n $(lxc-ls | grep utility)  and test openstack via CLI.

$sudo docker ps

Make sure compass-tasks, compass-deck, compass-cobbler, compass-db, compass-mq containers are listed.

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