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Copper Project Planning

This page shows planned work for Copper.



  • Work to do directly in Congress project:
  • COPPER-25, JOID-112 Upstream Congress Charm
  • Installers: 
    • OpenStack-Helm Chart for Congress, Congress Dashboard 
    • JOID-109, COPPER-27 Congress Dashboard support in Apex, JOID
    • Congress HA deployment (OpenStack-Helm, Apex, JOID)

OpenStack Pike Release Schedule

2/20-24PTG in Atlanta 
5/8-12OpenStack Summit in Boston 
7/17-21Final release for non-client libs 


Feature freeze

8/21-25Final RC 
8/28-9/1Pike Release 
9/11-15Queens PTG in Denver 

Euphrates Release Schedule

(MS1) Planning complete (scenarios or deliverables defined)
5/4/17Danube 2.0 
(MS2) Detailed test case descriptions communicated to test project teams
5/30/17(MS3) Installer integration with OpenStack completed 
6/5/17(MS4) Infrastructure updates completed 
6/8/17Danube 3 
6/12/17OPNFV Summit 
(MS5) Scenario integration and Feature Freeze completed
(MS6) Test cases implemented, preliminary documentation completed, and stable branch
9/1/17(MS7) Stable branch window close 
9/18/17(MS8) Formal test execution completed 
9/20/17(MS9) JIRA issues assigned to release closed or deferred 
9/22/17(MS10) Documentation completed 
9/25/17(MS11) Release Euphrates 5.0 
11/2/17(MS12) Release Euphrates 5.1 
12/13/17(MS13) Release Euphrates 5.2 






  • Deployment support via Fuel, for all scenarios, with Functest integration.
  • Upstreaming current installer support via JuJu and Puppet.
  • Deployment support via Compass, for all scenarios, with Functest integration.
  • Deployment of the Congress Horizon plugin.
  • HA support for the Congress service.
  • Additional policy test use cases.
  • Dovetail integration for Congress test cases.
  • Further development of the Congress test webapp, e.g. library of policies with application via the Congress REST API.
  • Further integration of Congress as a service supporting other OPNFV projects, as desired by those projects, e.g.
  • VES: integration of Congress with the VES Collector, through a VES database driver.


  • Additional policy test use cases: Network Bridging 
  • COPPER-35 Updated tests to work on DevStack (stable/newton), PackStack (RDO/Newton) and OPNFV installations
  • Functest Integration is still a work in progress (


Project plan per the milestones described at Danube.

(MS0) Open Intent to ParticipateDone (9/27/16) 
(MS1) Planning complete (scenarios or deliverables defined)10/25/16See "Deliverables" above.
(MS2) Detailed test case descriptions communicated to test project teams11/22/16 
(MS3) Installer integration with OpenStack completed11/30/16 
(MS4) Infrastructure updates completed12/6/16 
(MS5) Scenario integration and Feature Freeze completed1/13/17 
(MS6) Test cases implemented, preliminary documentation completed, and stable branch open1/26/17 
(MS7) Stable branch window close3/10/17 
(MS8) Formal test execution completed3/20/17 
(MS9) JIRA issues assigned to release closed or deferred3/22/17 
(MS10) Documentation completed3/24/17 
(MS11) Release Danube 1.0
(MS12) Release Danube 2.0
(MS13) Release Danube 3.06/8/17 



Below are project plans for the Models project per the C release planning page.

Modifications to the original scope are shown in red/italics.

Milestone expectations

MS0 : Project planning

  • Activities to be performed during this phase:
    • State your intention to participate in the C-Release: YES
    • establish release plan wiki (this page)
    • Define impacts on other projects;
      • installers
        • Congress will be installed thru all installers in R3
          • Installer scope was limited to JOID and Apex.
      • test projects
        • Functest: tests are expected to be contributed to the Functest library
        • Dovetail: use cases are expected to be contributed to the Dovetail library
          • Dovetail integration was deferred.
      • documentation: normal support by documentation toolchain
      • Infrastructure (pharos/CI)
        • Copper is expected to add additional tests to the CI/CD pipeline.
    • Include estimated time and resource plans
  • Project plans in place in Jira (at the story level and cross project)


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

MS1 : Planning complete

  • Project must
    • Have coordinated schedules with other projects and captured cross project dependencies in Jira: DONE
    • Have a concrete project time plan in place that accommodates dependencies and resource availability
    • Dependencies must include upstream dependencies impacting ability to execute on future milestones: DONE
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Development of feature code
    • Integration in, or establishment of, scenario's
    • Test case development
      MS2 : Feature Code freeze
  • Feature project must
    • Be code complete.
    • Have completed unit test case development
    • Have documentation in place for pre-release verification
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Begin release readiness activities and verification.
      • Stable branch labels can be applied from here (project to decide when to pull the stable branch).
        MS3: Installation Code freeze:
  • Installers code complete / code freeze
  • Features successfully deploy expected deliverables on a pharos lab
  • Feature/component installs with target installer(s), i.e. plugins or similar for the installers are ready.

MS4: Test Code freeze

  • Test infra and Test cases for system level testing of features available and code complete.

MS5: Integration ready:

  • Combination of components in scenarios work "as designed".

MS6 : Release

  • Project must
    • All frozen features and scenario's have achieved release readiness.
    • All stable branch labels in place, release labels available on the branch.
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Clear plans for release support according to the release stable processes



Current R2 C-Milestone Status

(draft in progress)


Copper Status

1. Project name


2. Project status indicator for milestone C readiness: Green/Yellow/Red; GREEN = on track; YELLOW = working minor issues to get back on track; RED = offtrack with major issues


3.Name of person providing status

Bryan Sullivan

4.a link to your Jira tasks (filtered on R2)

Copper R2 Jira tasks

5.a link to your Jira dashboard

Copper Jira Dashboard

6.a statement of your progress at linking cross project dependencies in Jira

Complete: see Genesis-54, Functest input

7.a statement of your readiness (detailed planning complete & in Jira) for your first sprint or first development cycle (if not agile)

First development cycle is underway.

8.a statement of your readiness (high level planning complete & in Jira) for future sprints

We do not plan to organize around sprints.

9.a statement about any issues you have

Complexity of getting lab resources; steep/long learning curve on fundamentals of creating workloads and virtual network environments under OpenStack and OpenDaylight; & when you will finish getting your tasks & dependencies into Jira if not complete

Jira is complete. and when you will get ready to start development for Brahmaputra if not ready now

Development for Brahmaputra is underway.

12.a statement summarizing your project risk analysis & planning status

Detailed risk management planning has not been attempted. Overall nature or risks and dependencies is clear, e.g. see issues above. No obvious solutions to these issues other than additional resources. We will do our best.

Planned Tasks for B Release


Jira issue

Config Policy Testbed


Config Policy Use Cases


Config Policy Tests


Requirements Gap Analysis


Draft Blueprints


Copper Project Box

Must-Have Req's

At-Risk Req's

Config PolicyTestbed


Config Policy Use Cases


Config Policy Tests


Working Plan Reqs

Outplan Req's

Requirements Gap Analysis


Draft Blueprints


Copper Dependencies on other OPNFV Projects



Dependency Description



Incorporation of OpenStack Congress into B release functional tests, either as part of automated post-install tests, or as an on-demand test set.

Working Plan


Incorporation of OpenStack Congress into B release CI build and smoke test processes. Alternately, prepare tools for post-install OPNFV platform augmentation with Congress.

Working Plan


ODL-based service chaining and group policy as a means to establish network resource configurations for services.

Working Plan

SFC, Promise

Incorporation of upstream projects as emulators / test drivers (at least) for VNFM/NFVO functionality.

Copper Dependencies on Upstream Projects



Dependency Description


OpenStack Kilo

Stable release version, as basis for adding Congress, Heat, etc.


OpenStack Congress

Config policy violation detection for OpenStack-managed resources.

Working Plan

OpenDaylight Lithium

Stable release version, as basis for adding SFC, GBP, etc.

Working Plan

OpenDaylight SFC

ODL-based service chaining as a means to establish network resource configurations for services.

Working Plan

OpenDaylight GBP

ODL-based endpoint group policy management as a means to establish network resource configurations for services.

Working Plan

OpenStack Heat

Template-based resource configuration for VNFs.


In Arno, focus was on getting a functional testbed for OpenStack Congress established. Early work on the Academy testbed enabled the project to develop a basic Congress analysis environment, but substantial progress toward automated installation and tests was not possible until the Brahmaputra release. As well, although the planned scope was to include prioritized gaps identification and upstream blueprints initiated, the "getting started" tasks deferred that. 

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