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Work in Progress - Info may be wrong as this is meant to enable path-finding for CPERF jobs.

Questions About Jobs/CI
  1. What is topology of deploy for apex-os-odl_l2-nofeature-daily-master? (Controller and Cloud system distribution and configuration)
  2. If APEX Deploy job (apex-os-odl_l2-nofeature-daily-master) deploys ODL + OpenStack in L2 setup is this ideal for jobs like CBench? 
  3. Do we need to create another job for Standalone Controller Tests like CBench to deploy ODL for test use? Currently nothing is deploying ODL during job for CBench test, as APEX deploy jobs are not used and there doesn't appear to be logic or jobs to deploy and run ODL.
  4. Is there logic setup to pull weekly or daily builds of ODL for testing?
  5. Have we satisfied all prereqresites for APEX deploy? Needed are deploy_settings.yaml and network_settings.yaml on Jump-Host. 
    "If this is baremetal APEX deployment, you will need a network settings (/root/network/network_settings.yaml) and inventory settings file on the host under (/root/inventory/pod_settings.yaml)."

Jobs Hierarchy

Jobs needed for Full Stack Testing
Job NameProjectCperf Create/Edit?DoneJob SummaryIncluded?Notes
apex-os-odl_l2-nofeature-daily-masterAPEXNo Re-use CurrentYesScenario JobIncluded in cperf-apex-intel-pod2-daily-master 
apex-deploy-intel-pod2-masterAPEXNo Re-use CurrentYesDeploy JobIncluded in cperf-apex-intel-pod2-daily-master 


CPERFYesPartialTest JobTop Level Job 
Jobs needed for CBench or Controller Only Testing
Job NameProjectCperf Create/Edit?DoneJob SummaryIncluded?Notes
cperf-os-odl-nofeature-daily-masterCPERFYesNot StartedScenario JobIncluded in cperf-apex-intel-pod2-daily-masterDo we need scenario?
cperf-deploy-odl-intel-pod2-masterCPERFYesNot StartedDeploy JobIncluded in cperf-apex-intel-pod2-daily-masterCurrently No Deploy Happening?


CPERFYesPartialTest JobTop Level JobJob failing due to No Deploy?

Job Visuals

Job Lifecycle

APEX Deploy Job


cperf-apex-intel-pod2-daily-master Job