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This project has been terminated and archived (voted by TSC on  )

Project: Template Distribution Service (Domino)

Link to the Original Proposal: Domino - Template Distribution Service


  1. Provide a publishing service, where Domino clients can publish a new service template (for an existing or new service) based on the OASIS specification "TOSCA Simple Profile for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Version 1.0".
  2. Provide a subscription service for multiple autonomous controllers/managers that provide service and resource orchestration based on templates (Tacker, Juju, Heat, Kubernetes, etc.).
  3. Support resource mapping, template partitioning, template translation, and template distribution service based on subscription profiles. 

Architecture and Block Diagrams


Open-O Project

OPNFV Parser Project

OPNFV Copper Project

ARIA Project

OPNFV Models Project

Juju Project

Release C (Colorado) Plan

wiki: Release C Plan


Release D (Danube) Plan

pptx: Danube Plan.pptx

wiki: Release D Plan

Release E (Euphrates) Plan

wiki: Release E Plan


Weekly Meeting Logistics

Every Monday 6AM-7AM PST

For Domino Use 
US (Toll-free) 1-866-899-4679
Access code 530-705-469

Meeting Agenda 

Meeting Notes

Key Project Facts

Project Name: Template Distribution Service (Domino) 
Repo name: Domino 
Lifecycle State: Incubation 
Primary Contact: Ulas Kozat (
Project Lead: Ulas Kozat (
Jira Project Name: Template Distribution Service
Jira Project Prefix: DOMINO 
mailing list tag [domino]
IRC: Channel:#opnfv-domino 
Repository: domino 



*Link to TSC approval:
Link to approval of additional submitters: none

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