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The rendered HTML draft documents:

The following documentation is drafts for Beta.


The CVP Guidelines document and the companion Addendum (for Danube release) describe the overall objective, governance, and scope:

The Workflow document describes the process and steps one takes to obtain CVP certification:

The Testing User Guide document provides detailed information on how to set up testing environment, install and execute the Dovetail test suite:

The remaining documents are test specifications which detail each and every test cases in the test suite (Danube release). The test cases are either Mandatory or Optional.

The overall Beta wiki page is Dovetail Beta.


Below is the work area for developers.


Documents for priority review are indicated in RED

Management facing documentation

OVP documenthigh-level C&C scope document done
CVP Guidelines AddendumDescribes scope and compliance criteria for the Danube release. final review needed
Test StrategyDocument to explain what it means to pass the compliance test suite.
  • Wenjing to review content and merge with other docs if it makes sense
  • Conclusion: content already covered in the addendum and test spec documents. Can abandon.
System preparation guideprovides a detailed outline of the needed system prerequisites and expectations for running OPNFV evaluation testing


Tester/user facing documents

Dovetail User Guideuser guide final review needed
Dovetail CLI guide wiki page Dovetail Command Linefinal review needed
Testing guideend user guide on how to run the test tool final review needed
Certification workflowhow to get certified final review needed
Application form  final review needed
Test scopeused to establish a process for defining an approved scope of the test suite done
Test specificationWas intended to be "a reference of all test cases organized into logical test areasBlank document. has been subsumed by "Test Scope" and the individual Test Specification documentsabandoned.


Test Specifications (mandatory)

VIM Image Operations  done
VIM Identity Operations  done
VIM Volume Operations  done
VIM Compute Operations  done
VIM Network Operations  done
HA test cases  done
vPing  done


Test Specifications (optional)

BGPVPN  done
IPv6  done
dynamic network runtime operations  done
forwarding packets through virtual networks in data path  done
filtering packets based on security rules and port security  done
correct behavior after common virtual machine life cycles events  done
simple virtual machine resource scheduling on multiple nodes  done


Developer facing documents

Test case requirementsMandatory requirements for including a test case as well as terminology and naming conventions final review needed
Worksheethelp test developers to research and document information needed for Dovetail test case reviewNot needed urgently

Dovetail developer guideguide for developers who are adding features to the toolNot needed urgenlty


Reviewer facing documentation

Reviewer guidedescribe guidelines and evaluation criteria for reviewers on how to handle the review process of results blank
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