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Metrics List & Descriptions:

Technology/CategoryMetric/Feature NameDate TypeFormat ExampleCollectd ReleaseCollectd PluginDescriptionDependenciesLimitationsComments
IPMIFan SpeedChar & IntNone5.8ipmiReads multiple fan speed

Gets Metric from SDR. 
IPMIAir FlowChar & IntNone5.8ipmiReads systemair flow data of system chassis

Gets Metric from SDR. 
IPMIPower SupplyChar & IntNone5.8ipmiRead the power supply for the CPU

Gets Metric from SDR. 
IPMIThermal ControlChar & IntNone5.8ipmiReads the Thermal Control percentage for CPU

Gets Metric from SDR. 
IPMITemperatureChar & IntNone5.8ipmiReads temperature of different compenents in the base board

Gets Metric from SDR. 
IPMIVoltageChar & IntNone5.8ipmiReads voltage on system board

Gets Metric from SDR. 


IPMI plugin HLD 

IPMI Analog Sensors Executed Tests 

IPMI events executed tests

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