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This new feature addition to Barometer repository, for Gambia release, provides easy and scalable installation of Collectd, Influxdb and Graphana in containers, with the ability to execute single command and visualize infrastructure metrics on Graphana.

Many users have asked for an easy way to install Collectd and visualize metrics. Now, with "One Click Install" feature, users that are new to Barometer would be able to download the repo and visualize the metrics in less than 10 minutes.

The usage and installation instructions are available at

Note: The documentation and reference software is not intended for production purposes.

The "One Click Install" features the following:

Ease of Deployment:

  • Download and install following containers from OPNFV docker hub: Collectd, Graphana and Influxdb
  • Installation automatically interlinks all 3 containers to provide seamless installation experience and help visualize metrics on Graphana
  • Showcases custom list of metrics from various Collectd plugins


  • Provides value add in showing metrics from infrastructure differentiating plugins, including:
    • Intel_RDT
    • Hugepages
    • OVS_Stats
    • IPMI
    • Mcelog
  • Automatically takes care of platform dependencies for various plugins like Intel_RDT, Hugepages, ovs_stats, IPMI and Mcelog


  • Can scale across multiple baremetal nodes with each node running a single container
  • Works well with VM based deployments
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems: Centos 7.5, Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04

Example deployments include:

  1. Collectd, Influxdb & Grafana running on the same system

  2. Collectd running on the compute node and Influxdb & grafana running on the controller node
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